The Deposit Insurance Fund transformed into the Financial Market Guarantee System on 1 January 2016.

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The Deposit Insurance Fund in Brief

Guide to Deposit Insurance
Guide to Deposit Insurance

The main role of the Deposit Insurance Fund is to protect bank deposits and enhance trust in the banking system in a time of economic turbulence.

Since its establishment, the Deposit Insurance Fund has paid compensation for insured deposits to some 300,000 clients, amounting to more than 41,9 billion crowns. The payments concerned the clients of the 12 banks and 5 cooperative credit unions that went bankrupt between 1995 and 2014.

Payment of compensation of deposits held in Metropolitní spořitelní družstvo represented the second biggest payout for the Deposit Insurance Fund in its history. The Fund commenced the payment of compensation on 27th January 2014 through all branches of Česká spořitelna. Within the first month of compensation payments, over 96% of all the deposits were paid out to MSD clients. The total value of insured deposits exceeded CZK 12 billion. This payment affected nearly 14,000 clients who had money deposited with MSD. The Deposit Insurance Fund currently secures deposits in the value of CZK 2,9 trillion, deposited with 34 insured financial institutions, which paid a total of CZK 4,2 trillion in contributions to the Fund in 2014.